It's Nobody Else's Business

Starting your own business?

The hard reality is – many businesses fail in the first year! Most are gone by year 5.

Way back when, there was no one to turn to for help and so people were reluctant to even think about starting a business.

But today, you have 3 choices –

1.    You can learn from YOUR mistakes. It’s called the ‘Trial & Error’ method – which is how most businesses fail.

2.    You can use the ‘Mimic’ method. You listen to someone explain you how successful THEY are  and encourage you  to copy what they did.

3.     Seek guidance from someone who has first hand experience and is willing to show you what YOU need to know.

Invest some time in your business

Here are 8 modules packed with topics, all written especially for you to help you start your very own business.

Unlike the many “How To” books on small business, “It’s Nobody Else’s Business” is based on 40 plus years of first hand experience. It will not only be a guide to starting your business, it will help you recognise the pitfalls, the problems, and help recognise ‘experts’ who have all the answers but who don’t understand the questions. It will steer you away from the naysayers and the critics.


After all is said and done – It’s Nobody Else’s Business!

The 8 Modules

Each Module is packed with topics that
every small business owner needs to know!

Pick and choose which Modules to study.
It’s entirely up to you!

Remember – each Module is based upon
actual experience – not on theory.