It's Nobody Else's Business

Module 08 – How to Fail in Business

No business person wants their business to fail, but yet businesses fail all the time. The problem is, learning how to operate a business is an experience, and you can’t teach experience. This module covers the common reasons why businesses fail so hopefully you can avoid making the same mistakes.  

Topic 1 – How Businesses Fail

Here we cover some of the common reasons why a business will fail.

Topic 2 – Why a Business Owner Fails

Here we cover some of the common reasons why a business owner will fail.

Topic 3 – Greed

In some circles, greed is considered a motivator – but it comes with a very high cost. 

Topic 4 – Making Decisions

Some people are afraid of making a decision. Unfortunately, owning a business is all about making decisions. Here are some tips to help you make better decisions.

Topic 5 – Taking a Break

Taking time off from your business is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. Here are ways to take that time depending upon your type of business. 

Topic 6 – Business Strategies

As a business owner, you will need to think and plan ahead of the game. Maintaining a business requires imagination and strategy. Otherwise, you will find yourself always in a reactionary mode – always trying to catch up.

It’s Nobody Else’s Business

It is your business and yours alone. It doesn’t belong to anyone else. Therefore, its success or failure rests entirely with you.