It's Nobody Else's Business

Module 4 – Open for Business

Business doesn’t happen by itself. You have let people – the right people – people who will buy what you have – you have to let these people know about you and what you do/sell/service/rent/whatever.

Topic 1 – Open the Doors

It’s one thing to own a business, but you have to let people know you are in business.

Topic 2 – Image and Branding

From the earliest traces of our existence, we have used symbols to communicate – cave drawings to Inukshuks – hieroglyphics to territorial markers – we have been and still are surrounded by symbols. Today, there are road signs and directions signs – welcoming signs and warning sign. There are logos, and then there are styles. Regardless of what they are these signs and symbols are everywhere, and the right signs and symbols are essential to your business.

Topic 3 – Advertising

Most advertising money is wasted. To be successful at advertising, you need to know the 2 rules of 3, which will make your advertising more effective.

Topic 4 – Marketing

You will continuously need to promote your business. This module will offer suggestions to stimulate ideas of how to make people aware of your business.

Topic 5 – Sales

North Americans, in particular, make a big deal about sales. They seem obsessed. Sales are not that difficult if you stop overthinking and follow some basic common sense.

Topic 6 – Sales Management

Sometimes sales teams need the guidance of a sales manager. Here is the number one mistake many businesses make when hiring a Sales Manager.

Topic 7 – Getting Paid

Sales are all well and good, but you can’t take sales to the bank. You can’t even take Accounts Payable (an account of what is owed to your business), to the Banks. You need to get paid. Here’s where you’ll learn some tips.

Topic 8 – Customers

Customers, Clients, Buyers, people whose money is used to fuel your business – they all come in different shapes and sizes. Here are the various types of buyer you will or may encounter, and how to deal with them.

Topic 9 – Suppliers

Your business will depend upon your relationship with your suppliers. Here’s how to build that relationship.

Topic 10 – Loyalty

The advantages and disadvantages of loyalty.

Topic 11 – Dealing with people

Sometimes you just can’t please some people.

A business without sales is nothing but an expensive hobby. Some businesses flounder because they fail to deliver, but all businesses flounder if they cannot get sales.