It's Nobody Else's Business

Module 03 – Business Structures

There is one big mistake many business owners make. Unfortunately, they fail to understand the consequences of their actions and therefore fail to do anything about it, until it is too late.

Topic 1 – Starting Off Right

There is only one way to set up a business – the right way! The good news it’s easy to implement.

Topic 2 – Business Structures

The are multiple ways to structure a business, but they’re basically three ways suitable for a small business.

Topic 3 – What is an Incorporation?

Taking the mystery and myths out of incorporating a business.

Topic 4 – Business Hierarchies

To help understand how a business functions, hierarchies will be explained.

Topic 5 – The Two Ends of a Business

Every business has two ends – the front end and the back end.

Topic 6 – The Two Sides of a Business

The backend of the business has two sides.

Topic 7 – A Word to the Wise

Business owners are continuously subjected to all kinds of issues, so we’ll look at how to deal with rules, ethics, moral and legal matters.

This module is dedicated to getting the basics in place so that the business can easily grow.