It's Nobody Else's Business

Module 02 – Understanding Money

The only reason to have a business is to make money. It’s that simple. Some people have various business models, but if an entity does not make money, or has the potential to make money, it is not a business.

Regardless, many people, including many experienced business people, do not understand how money is created or how it works. We’ll delve into the concept of money, how it functions, and how it works in your business.

Topic 1 – Money Is The Root Of All Business

We take money for granted. We see people with money, and we see people with little or no money – but for the most part, we do not thoroughly understand the concept of the money and how our lives depend upon it. 

Topic 2 – The Economics of Money

It’s time to understand how money is made and how important money is, not only in our lives but to our society. As business owners, we play an important role in our society, and we, therefore, should support our society.  

Topic 3 – Making Money

Here we look at 5 reasons a business needs to make money, and 6 ways for a business to make money. 

Topic 4 – Pricing Your Products or Services

There are hard factors that determine the selling price of a product or service, and then there psychological and emotional factors to consider.

Topic 5 – Be Humble

If you are in business to flaunt your success, you will never be successful. 

Could you be a successful Taxi Driver if you didn’t understand how to drive? Could you be a successful electrician if you didn’t understand electricity? Could you be a successful winemaker if you didn’t understand the importance of yeast? Of course not, so how can you be a successful business owner if you don’t understand money.