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Accounting Needs

Accountants take care of the money side of a business, but if you have a small business, can you afford the services of an Accounting Firm? Sadly there seems to be a trend among accounting firms to boost their revenue by focusing on larger businesses, thus neglecting the small business sector. Even if they ‘lower their standards’, to accommodate such an ‘insignificant’ client, their inflated fees are making it more and more difficult for small business owners to justify their services.

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What is Your Mission?

Be Passionate about your Mission

Every business owner needs to be passionate about their Mission Statement. Yes – I mean it. However, the Mission Statement’s only purpose is to continually remind YOU, the business owner, of the real reason why YOU, the business owner, started the business, and how YOU, the business owner, built the business over the years, because, if YOU forget that, it’s time for YOU to retire.

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Marketing is Letting People Know you Exist

Marketing is the process of letting people know you exist. It started when farmers, smiths and traders brought their goods together at a given time and place. Knowing this, people eagerly awaited their arrival. This was a marketplace. These marketplaces still exist today in many parts of the world, but times have changed. Now, these physical marketplaces are called shopping malls, and let’s not overlook virtual markets where people shop online.

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How to Start a Business for all the Right Reasons

There are numerous reasons why we are motivated to start a small business, but it’s important that we do it for all the right reasons. There is no doubt that owning a small business can be extremely rewarding, but to be successful in business, we first have to understand what it is that we are doing, otherwise, how can we tell if we have done it?

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It’s Not Just About the Money

It’s not just about the money. If you start a business just to make money, you may succeed, or you may not succeed. Either way, you are missing the point. Running a business is a lot more than just money. If managed properly, your business will take on your identity and your character, and in return, it will reward you in ways you never thought possible.

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